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The Karczma Rzym Inn is located at the western border of Wrocław, south of Leśnica on the estate Jarnołtów. It is a detached, three-membered, partly story building, with a small basement. The two eastern parts probably date from the middle of the 18th century, and the western part (hotel) from the early 19th century. Cross vaults supported by two cast-iron columns, partially segmented in the Fireplace Room, and barrel vaults in the basement are preserved in the building's rooms. The building of the Inn performed residential and economic functions. In the post-war era it was used as a warehouse. Its fortunes changed in 1994 when it was acquired by its current owner, who carried out a meticulous restoration. The functional layout of the facility was changed in order to adopt it as a dining establishment.

Karczma Rzym Inn

Officially, the restaurant opened on May 1, 1999.
Currently, the premises consist of three rooms: Fireplace, Hunting and Banquet with a mezzanine. It has a hotel area with a separate entrance and a summer garden. There are 30 beds waiting for guests in 15 rooms, decorated in an old style with a so-called soul, where the past merges with the present. Tavern Rome is a unique place where thanks to the owners' love for original things every interior has been pampered with unique objects. We can find age-old furniture — cabinets, display cases, windows, tables, chairs, trunks that have undergone restoration and maintenance. Here we will also come across tapestries, old lamps, chandeliers, candlesticks, clocks and even ashtrays, hand-embroidered tablecloths and napkins. The Inn Rome in its collections has sabers from the 19th century, white weapons, old paintings and engravings, photos and postcards of the former Wroclaw, as well as pre-war Polish and German maps. The oldest dates from the 18th century.

Recreation area

In 1998, the areas on the opposite side of Jarnołtowska Street, next to the ruins of the old Arnold mill, just behind the trough of the mill once driving the mill wheel, were put in order. After the site was elevated, three ponds were excavated; many thematic corners were decorated, creating a “green island”. Thanks to this, the offer of the Tavern Rome has been enriched with a beautiful Park, where our guests can find a moment of respite in nature. The area on which the buildings of the Granary and the Terrible Manor were laid was carefully designed. In the central part of it there is a pond with charming bridges. The whole is beautifully in harmony with the surrounding nature of the Bystrzyca Valley Landscape Park.

Straszny Dwór Guesthouse

In the following years, the idea of expanding the offer with additional accommodation rooms for guests, which would fit into the atmosphere of the already existing buildings, and so in the years 2005 — 2007, 200 meters from the Karczma Rzym, was created Strszny Dwór Guesthouse. A complex of three historic Serbo-Sorbian buildings with half-timbered construction, which was built in 1810 in Bogatynia and reconstructed in Wrocław, Jarnołtów. We can walk to it by the main road, or walk through our enchanted park, admiring the beauty of nature.

History of the area - Jarnołtów

The German name for Jarnołtów is Arnoldsmuhle and comes from the name of the Wrocław burgher, Arnold of Legnica, whose mill at this place mentions a document from 1271. This mill was located on the Bystrica River, in the Middle Ages called Leśna. From the earth books we learn that in the middle of the 14th century Jarnołtów was a farm with 7 hobs of land and a two-wheel mill was already working in it.

Mill in Jarnołtów. F. G. Endler's etching, 1807 The engraving depicts the village of Jarnołtów located on the Bystrica River. On the left is Arnold's mill from Legnica, in the central part you can see the Palace, which is no longer there today.

Since the 16th century, the history of this place has been inextricably linked with the Artzat family (also called Arzat or Arzt), which among many possessions also held Jarnołtów. The family belonged to powerful families with a great influence on the history of Wrocław and its surroundings. Among other things, we know that three of its representatives sat on the City Council and belonged simultaneously to the royal court.

Another family reigning in Jarnoltów was the Hoffmann von Hoffmannswaldau dynasty, this estate belonged to it since the 18th century. Representatives of this family also held high positions in the City Council of Wrocław, for example, Hans Christian Hoffman (1644 to 1724) held the position of President of the Council and Governor of the Duchy of Wrocław. From historical records it is known that in 1795 the village had a manor house, a farm and a mill and 112 people lived in the settlement — including a distiller, blacksmith, barber and brewer.

In 1945 Jarnołtów found itself, like many other villages, towns and settlements, within the borders of Poland, in the areas of the so-called Reclaimed Lands. Administratively it belonged to the municipality of Smolec and then the Jerzmanowo cluster. On January 1, 1973, the town was promoted, it was annexed to Wrocław, as one of its many settlements. It did not, of course, change her typically rural landscape. Although the first suburban houses have been built in this area since the beginning of the 20th century, but most of the buildings are still farms.

As the inhabitants of Wrocław grew rich, in the vicinity of Jarnołtów, as well as in other peripheral settlements of the city, more and more detached houses and farms adapted to residential and recreational needs began to appear. This phenomenon intensified with the bodily breakthrough of 1989. And it is at this time that the story of our Tavern has its origin.

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