Regain peace of mind

Living in constant stress and haste, it is worth giving yourself a moment of relaxation.

The recovery zone will allow our guests to get rid of tensions and take care of their well-being.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.

Wellness Zone
Wellness Zone
Relaxation and relaxation
Hyperbaric therapies
also for guests without accommodation
exclusive option
Discounts for groups

Hyperbric chamber

Duration of treatment with preparation 60 — 90 min.

Fully safe, natural and non-invasive oxygen therapy method!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a huge range of applications, both in supporting the treatment of various conditions and in the overall improvement of the body's fitness and condition. First of all, it accelerates the recovery, recovery of the body, as well as the treatment of wounds and other places that have been affected by the disease.

Before arranging an appointment, read the Terms and Conditions for the Use of Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments, in which you will find all the necessary information.

Infrared sauna

The recommended time in the sauna is 30 min.

The infrared sauna owes its healing aspect to the thermal energy generated by the infrared rays generated here. They penetrate into the body even to a depth of 4 cm and thus positively affect our body. Using a sauna is a good way to regenerate muscles after exercise, improve traumatic conditions of locomotor organs, improve skin condition, burn unnecessary calories and fight cellulite.


Recommended 10, maximum 15 minutes.

Massage with thousands of air and water bubbles, the composition of which is comparable to mineral water Kinga Pienińska. Relieves stress and relaxes tense muscles. The garden Jacuzzi also has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system (stimulates lymph and blood), and also facilitates falling asleep.

Saline tetanus

Recommended inhalation time — 1 h

During one hour in the brine tetannia, a person absorbs as much iodine as during a three-week stay at the sea.

Saline tetanus is a wooden structure, covered with sprigs of sloe, on which brine flows down, which, breaking into small drops, creates an aerosol rich in micronutrients such as: iodine, bromine, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

Outdoor Gym

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness is it! Combine physical activity with the joy of being outdoors.
The outdoor gym is located in Our Park, surrounded by conifers, where we can enjoy the wonderful aroma of the forest. The time spent in this place is not only effort, but also the pleasure of communing with nature.

Exercise Room

Build strength and fitness.

The fitness zone will allow our guests to relieve stress and tension after a day of varied activities.

The hall is equipped with professional exercise equipment, which will ensure safe and effective training.

Physical exercise is one of the best ways to improve well-being.

Thanks to the production of endorphins in our body — good mood we are guaranteed!

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