Saturday 31 December

Start: 20:00

  • Music: Professional DJ
  • Menu: dishes warm, cold plate
  • Alcohol: on your own

cash/card in Tavern Rome or transfer:
“Hast” Andrzej Dworak
Jarnołtowska 85b 54-530 Wrocław
31 1140 2004 0000 3502 7867 1733
In the title: New Year's Eve, number of persons and full name


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Accommodation and leisure

in the green district of Wrocław

Weddings and celebrations

family gatherings

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Tinn Rome

Jarnołtowska 85B
54-530 Wrocław - Jarnołtów

Hotel in Wroclaw with convenient access to the centre, close to Wroclaw Airport
10 m
Bike paths
15 m
Landscape Park
3,7 km
4,5 km
Wroclaw Ring Road
17 km
Wrocław Market Square

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